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Smart Girl Mentorship Program

Smart Girl is a mentorship program that reaches out to adolescent girls aged between 13-19 years. We help them overcome challenges like:
  • Low self-esteem as a result of negative message they decode from the society (family, friends, neighbours, boys)
  • Handling sexual abuse from people closely related to them
  • Early pregnancy
  • Bullying
  • How to handle rape
  • Health issues eg. Body changes happening during puberty, cleanliness, managing menstrual pain, types of virginal discharge, right inner wear clothes etc
  • Handling opposite sex relationship

The aim of this program is to empower girls to purposefully pursue their smart goals while overcoming life hurdles. The program runs for a minimum of one year with at least 9 days training offered to the girls. We handle topics like; journaling, mentorship, communication skills, self-awareness, vision and goal setting, emotional intelligence among other topics identified during the needs analysis. Our Smart Girl is Epic and Bold.

BK Smart Programs, We make the society a better place every day.

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