frequently asked questions

These are some of the questions teenagers ask during our sessions; (these questions have not been edited, they were typed as the girls had written on sticky notes)

On Sex and Post Sex Management
  • What will happen if you took P2 and you didn’t have a condom?
  • Why do girls become closer to boys and we know we will have sex with them?
  • What happens when someone touches your private parts?
  • Why do people have sex?
  • At this age 14, can you tell your boyfriend to be patient and be your future husband?
  • Can an old man get you pregnant because I did it?
  • I love sex (this was a comment)
  • What do you do when your boyfriends ask for sex and later breaks up with you?
  • What is one supposed to do when they experience crumbs
  • What is the right age of dating
  • Will you be pregnant if you have sex without condom
  • I have a case in court because of my boyfriend and he is still in police custody. What do I do?
  • I have a lover. We have been dating for months now but along the way we had sex. Since then, he has been demanding for more and more sex. Just because I love him, I do agree but I get afraid because I may be pregnant. Recently I had suffered from UTI. The guy seems serious. What do I do?
  • Is it okay to date a working class?
  • If a boy wants to introduce you to his parents does that make him to be serious?
  • What are the qualities of a serious boyfriend?
  • I was dating a guy who really loved me and he was God fearing. But he changed from Christianity to worshipping another god but he still loves me. I want to avoid him but I still have feelings for him. What do I do?
  • Why does someone date at a small age?
  • Is it good to have a boyfriend?
  • How many times can I swallow P2 in a year so that I don’t mess
  • Is it good to date secretly?
  • If you are in school and you love someone truly, how do you create the balance?
  • At what stage should people start dating?
  • What can someone do to avoid early pregnancy?
  • If a boy loves you and you love him, what would you do? and the boy has asked you to have sex with him?
  • Is kissing a boy while I am 17 wrong?
  • At this age can I start dating?
  • How can I know that the boy is right for me?
  • The problem is that when you date with one boy and his friends become aware they will start feeling for you and you may end up cheating
  • What are the benefits of dating?
  • How can you avoid dating?
  • I have 4 boys approaching me for relationship, I don’t want them. But they provide everything I ask for to win me. What should I do?
  • How do you know the right person and a good guy
  • How do you advice your friend who is so crazy about love but when you advise her, she thinks you want his boyfriend?

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